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1952 Norton Manx Motorcycle


This is the 1952 Norton Manx Motorcycle. 

The Norton Manx or Manx Norton is a British racing motorcycle that was made from 1947 to 1962 by Norton Motors Ltd. It had contested every Isle of Man TT race from the inaugural 1907 event through into the 1970s, a feat unrivaled by any other manufacturer, and the development and honing of the Manx racing motorcycle was another step in this racing achievement. Our 1952 Norton Manx model is handcrafted of tin. It is painted silver. It features intricate details such as mesh wheels, 500cc engine, seat, lightweight frame, exhaust, front and side license plate with number 96, fenders, and a brake lever. Bring home and display this iconic British bike from the height of Norton’s dominance of open road-racing in the 1950s. Beautiful and brutal, the Norton Manx is a true motorcycling legend. A must-have for the collector and enthusiast!