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1948 Talbot Lago T26 Coupe Grand Sport Saoutchik Resin Model Car in 1:43 Scale by Ilario


SN 110101 is the first chassis to offer this  fastback bodywork performed by talented coachbuilder Saoutchik.

It is the car that was presented at the Paris Salon in 1948 and in Brussels in 1949. It was painted in pale green and brown at this time.

It was later restored in 2 shades of blue with a few variant details like the chrome on the rear wings or above the headlights.

The front of this car is totally different from the others, it would be the only one to have had this unique grille from the outset.

This car still exists and is part of the Mullin Automotive Museum in the United States.

A total of six chassis of the Talbot-Lago T26 Grand Sport were dressed by Saoutchik.

This car is considered by some as the masterpiece of Saoutchik.

Limited edition of  135.

Since 1984, Illario makes miniature car models in the traditional way in small series. Assembled with the utmost care, composed of many parts, these models will satisfy the most demanding collector and bring tangible value to their collection. They are supplied in a luxury box with a transparent window attached to a leather base and precious wood.