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Bigfoot #1 The Original Monster Truck 48 Inch tires 1:18 Diecast w Bob Chandler Figurines


Shipping ETA is this fall / winter.   Pre Order Now to Reserve!

This is the Bigfoot #1 The Original Monster Truck Diecast Model with 48 Inch Tires in 1:18 Scale by Greenlight. 
(the tires are in 1:18 scale, not actually 48 inches) 
The dimensions of this scale model are 12.5"L x 5.5"W x 6.25"H

This very special amazing new version comes with 2 Bob Chandler figurines.  One standing and one driving.

Bob Chandler is the creator of the first monster truck, Bigfoot. He is also the founder of the Midwest 4 Wheel Drive Center and Performance shop in Ferguson, Missouri. Chandler began modifying his 1974 Ford F-250 pickup truck in 1975, adding larger tires and a more powerful engine. He named the truck Bigfoot after his nickname, which he had earned for his heavy throttle foot.

Bigfoot quickly became a popular attraction at local truck and tractor pulls, and Chandler began taking it to shows and events around the country. In 1979, Bigfoot made its first paid public appearance in Denver, Colorado. The truck was an instant success, and Chandler soon began building more Bigfoot trucks.

Chandler is a pioneer in the monster truck industry, and he has been instrumental in developing many of the safety features that are now standard in monster trucks. He is also a member of the Monster Truck Hall of Fame.

Chandler is still involved in the monster truck business, and he owns the rights to the Bigfoot name. He is also the owner of Bigfoot #1, the original monster truck.

Here are some of Bob Chandler's notable achievements:

  • Created the first monster truck, Bigfoot.
  • Founded the Midwest 4 Wheel Drive Center and Performance shop.
  • Helped co-found the Monster Truck Racing Association (MTRA).
  • Spearheaded the development of the now-standard Remote Ignition Interrupter (RII).
  • Inducted into the Monster Truck Hall of Fame.

Chandler is a true legend in the monster truck industry, and his contributions to the sport have been immeasurable. He is a pioneer, an innovator, and a safety advocate. He is also a great businessman, and he has helped to make monster trucks one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world.

Sure. The original Bigfoot monster truck was a 1974 Ford F-250 pickup truck that was modified by its owner, Bob Chandler, beginning in 1975. By 1979, the modifications were so extensive that the truck came to be regarded as the first monster truck.

The original Bigfoot had a 460 cubic inch V8 engine that was modified to produce over 500 horsepower. It also had 48-inch tall tires, which were some of the largest tires ever used on a vehicle at the time.

Bigfoot was an instant success, and it quickly became one of the most popular attractions at monster truck shows and events. It was also the first monster truck to crush cars, which helped to popularize the sport.

The original Bigfoot is still in existence, and it is currently on display at the Bigfoot 4x4 shop in Pacific, Missouri. It is a true piece of monster truck history, and it is a testament to Bob Chandler's ingenuity and creativity.

Here are some of the original Bigfoot's specifications:

  • Engine: 460 cubic inch V8
  • Horsepower: Over 500
  • Tires: 48-inch tall Firestone
  • Weight: 10,000 pounds
  • Length: 20 feet
  • Width: 10 feet

The original Bigfoot was a revolutionary vehicle, and it helped to pave the way for the monster truck industry as we know it today. It is a true icon of American pop culture, and it will continue to be remembered for its innovation and its impact on the sport of monster truck racing.

13685 1:18 Kings of Crunch - Bigfoot #1 - 1974 Ford F-250 Monster Truck with 48-Inch Tires and Two Bob Chandler Figures (Driving and Standing)