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Cat® D11T CD Carrydozer in 1:50 scale by Diecast Masters


1:50 Cat® D11T CD Carrydozer
SKU 85567

Product Dimensions:  8.875 x 5.25 x 4 in.

With its massive, 22-foot-wide blade, the Cat® D11T CD Carrydozer can move up to 57 cubic yards of coal or other loose material in a single pass – using the specially designed inside-the-blade curvature to create both a carrying and a pushing action.

In addition to the 11CD blade detail, Diecast Masters’ new model also replicates the Carrydozer’s wider, 36-inch track shoes and two of the machine’s most popular exterior options: the rear platform with guard rails and the powered access ladder.

Features and Details:
• Detailed cab interior, including operator
• Authentic Cat Machine Yellow paint
• Authentic Cat trade dress
• Realistic metal tracks with wide Carrydozer shoes
• Rear platform and powered access ladder details
• Highly detailed 11CD dozer blade
• Opening engine compartment and engine detail
• Ripper raised and lowers
• Realistic metal grab rails and handles
• Roof lifts off for cabin access