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1937 Horch 853 Diecast Model in 1:12 Scale by CMC


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Horch 853, 1937, Black & Purple Red Lim Edition of 300.

Covered with a transparent coat and polished to a shining finish, this limited-edition of Horch 853 reveals the breath-taking beauty and finesse of the finest material that we use for its bodywork. This model of elegance and precision will make an extraordinary addition to your collection, not to mention the fact that this piece of art is limited to a small number worldwide.

If you open the engine hood, a detailed 8-cylinder in-line-engine comes into view. The hinged convertible top unfolds to close down on the upper metal frame of the windshield and stays in place by magnetic force. The interior is lined with carpet while the seats are covered with high-quality leather. An authentic dashboard equipped with multifarious control elements.