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1924 Bugatti T35 Monaco Diecast Model Car by CMC in 1:18 Scale


This is the 1924 Bugatti T35 Monaco Diecast Model Car by CMC in 1:18 Scale. 

  • Authentic replication of the body, crafted true to scale

  • Finished in the once officially designated White/red racing colour of Monaco (Starting number 16 and any other labeling on the body are fictitious)

  • Side-mounted spare wheel, fastened with leather belts

  • Compact front axle of metal. Painted in a dull silver finish

  • Two-winged engine hood with perforated cooling louver. Hinged opening mechanism and two fastening leather belts

  • Metal chassis with ventilation slots perforated in the lower part of the car body longitudinally

  • Radiator grill and stone-chipping protection fence made of metal

  • Fully functional metal compound springs at the front and rear axle

  • Removable two-winged tank cap made of stainless steel

  • Highly detailed 8-cylinder in-line-engine, including all aggregates, cabling and pipes

  • The gearshift and handbrake lever outside of the cockpit allows for operational movement symbolically

  • The driver’s windshield can fold down on a leather pad

  • Fitted rear view mirror fixed with acorn nuts

  • True-to-the-original replication of the steering box with worm gear

  • Double exhaust pipes made of metal

  • The metal starting crank handle can turn and rotate

  • True-to-the-original metal wheels with an aluminum assemblage, including the flange-mounted finned drum

  • Removable wheel with an authentic four-winged ring nut (each wheel assembled from 35 single parts)

  • Different tyre patterns for the front- and rear wheels

  • Seats and backrest are covered in real brown leather

  • Steering wheel with metal spokes and a cord-wrapped rim

  • Authentically replicated dashboard in a metallic finish of geometric brush markings and complete with instruments and a magneto for fuel ignition.

  • Movable lever for the cockpit-hand oil pump

  • Water-temperature gauge on top of the cooler cap