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Laptop Case With Bonnet Safety Pin by AUTOart


This is the Laptop Case With Bonnet Safety Pin by AUTOart. 

Safety pins have been used to secure the engine covers of racing cars for decades, and now they can secure your valuable collection of 1/64 model cars or laptop computer for travel with AUTOart carrying case.  As with real race cars, this matte-black case made of highly impact resistant EVA foam rubber opens by removing from the metal safety pins the two spring clips tethered by stainless steel wires to the case. A shoulder strap is supplied.  Get through airport security as quickly as a Le Mans pit stop and get noticed by other car enthusiasts. The case is designed to look and feel modern and high-tech and has a generous compartment size of 37cm x 28cm (14.6” x 11.0”). The case also features additional pockets for documents and electronic accessories. 

inner size: 37cm(L) x 28cm(W) / 14.6” x 11”

outer size: 38.5cm(L) x 32cm(W) / 15.16” x 12.6”