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Lamborghini Centenario Solid White in 1:18 Scale by AUTOart


This is the Lamborghini Centenario Lamborghini Centenario, Bianco Isis/Solid White Diecast and Composite Model Car in 1:18 Scale by AUTOart

At 4.924 meters long, the Centenario is slightly longer than the Aventador (with which we suspect it shares a good chunk of its carbon fiber monocoque). Yet its a bit lighter at 3,351 pounds, a feat accomplished by building the entire car out of carbon fiber ducts and diffusers. To keep the cars profile simple, the big rear wing on the back retracts when not in use.

To increase agility, the Centenario is equipped with a rear-wheel steering system  a Lamborghini first and permanent all-wheel drive. The center-lock wheels are unique to the car; 20 inches up front and 21 inches in the rear, theyre wrapped in Pirelli PZero tires.

In this era of turbo-hybridization, we love that the car remains defiantly naturally aspirated. Its 6.5-liter V12 produces 770 hp; redline is kicked up from the Aventadors 8,350 rpm to 8,600 rpm. 0-60 takes 2.8 seconds (slightly slower than the Aventador SV). Top speed is 217 mph.