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Intake Rampipes Cup Set by AutoArt


Following the shape of a Cosworth DFV F1 racing engine’s intake rampipes and made exactly to scale, the cup is made of dual-layer stainless steel that thermally insulates against hot liquid burning the hand. It can be used not only for cold and hot drinks, but also as a pen holder, paper-clip cup or even candy hideaway. The sliding throttle body base holder is cast in aluminum with CNC surface milling. A stainless steel wire-mess air filter, as found in a racing engine intake, is supplied with each cup and can be used as a filter or strainer when placed downwards. A stainless steel lid for the cup is also supplied. The base is 48cm (19”) long and 8cm (3.15”) side. The cups are 10.8cm (4.25”) tall.