Franklin Mint B11F679
The 1959 Corvette
The 1959 Corvette "Barn Find" Limited Edition of #5 of 2,500 Pieces in 1:24 Scale by The Franklin Mint
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Detailed Description

Every car enthusiast dreams of finding a "diamond in the rough" hidden away for decades, safely preserved from the harsh elements but all there, ready to be saved. Such lore surrounds Corvettes stored for safekeeping but somehow forgotten. These barn finds,when discovered, are the automotive equivalent to finding the Holy Grail! Only a fortunate few have been able to find these gems until now! Franklin Mint Precision Models proudly presents that coveted "barn find" in a special Limited Edition, complete with its own display. The 1959 Corvette, discovered in a vintage barn, a fuel injected model, complete with all of its original factory parts, exactly as it was left behind so many years ago. Issued in a strictly Limited Edition of just 2,500 pieces worldwide - a precision detailed, scale replica worthy only of the Franklin Mint Precision Models name. So buy one today and use it as a constant reminder that dreams do indeed come true!



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