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1963 Shelby AC Cobra 260 Metallic burgundy with gold stripes


The 1962 Shelby AC Cobra 260 in Viking Blue Metallic. Carroll Shelby Driving School edition with bonus 1:18 replica helmet.

The Details:

To many, the Cobra 260 needs no introduction. If it wasn't for this car, the Shelby American Legend wou

1963 AC Cobra: Dominate the Race Track, Own the RoadThe Anglo-American combination of nimble AC chassis and thumping Ford V8 changed the history of motoring forever, combining the traditional American thirst for power with the handling for which European cars are renowned. The result was spectacular. Seemingly overnight, the Cobra became the choice for competition, with success on the track translating beautifully into sales of the awe-inspiring AC Cobra for the street. Exoto presents a miniature replica of the classic AC Cobra with stunning detail and accuracy. Beneath the hood with its accurate prop is the Ford 289 V8 engine.

The interior was designed for road and track; Exoto's team has taken the greatest care to reproduce the cushioned leather seats and racing harnesses, the wood-rimmed steering wheel, and bright-beveled gauges. Under the car is an accurate suspension with functional steering and realistic leaf-springs. The trunk, held open by an accurate and realistic support, houses a real wire-spoked wheel with precisely formed spare tire like the four on the car. The list of intricate details goes on and on...