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About BBR Models:    The taken from the names of the company founders who started this fantastic adventure more than 20 years ago;Balestrini, Barberis and Reali. Of the three founders only two remain today, as Barberis returned to his original profession as a dentist.
B.B.R. began in a small room in Saronno, northern Italy, where inspiration, imagination and a passion for the automobile came together to create what we are proud to call our "e;miniature masterpieces"e;.
Alberto Balestrini shows considerable manual aptitude and as a passionate collector of the cars of Ken Tyrrell he soon gained a deserved reputation as a highly skilled modeller, using sheet metal and plaster to create, in miniature, the English cars which dominated F1 in the early 1970s.
Nando Reali has the business brain and represents the commercial side of a company that, from the early days with the Styling Range of models, has been met with approval and support among the ever growing group of 'special' model collectors.

The order book kept growing and the original workshop soon became too small to accommodate the increasing number of benches where the models were stacked ready for delivery, while the tools used and the working areas were starting to look more like the racing departments of famous car manufacturers every day.
BBR's name started to become well known overseas too and it is from one of these foreign countries that the most valuable acknowledgements of our work started to arrive in Saronno, when the glamorous German magazine "e;Model Fan"e; selected us for their"e;Modell des Jahres"e; (Model of the Year). This confirms that the BBR marque is a guarantee of quality and accuracy in the production of 1:43rd scale model cars.

With success comes responsibility and BBR soon found itself working with some of the World's most famous car manufacturers in the reproduction of street and race cars in miniature.

Ourjoint work with Ferrariis the best example of the progress that BBR has made over the years, where in our Saronno studios a great many fine scale replicas are made, reproducing all of the current road cars and the F1 cars that have won so many victories for Maranello from 1999 - 2004.
But, BBR does not only concentrate on the most popular 1:43rd scale. It has gone further, much further, first with some of the F1 cars in 1:20th scale and with some GT cars such as the 360 Modena as both race and street versions in 1:24th.

We know that our reputation and sales success are not enough to guarantee the permanence of our marque in some market segments. To continue we must look to the future, while keeping close ties with tradition. Therefore BBR has decided to explore new avenues and undertake new challenges.
The latest challenge we are calling 'High End' and concerns the production in large scale of a number of famous modern road, classic and competition Ferraris. The first example of this new market niche is the Enzo, the extraordinary car with F1 technology and performance that Ferrari released in 2002.



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