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Maserati MC12 Competizione Geneve Auto Show 2004 Metallic Blue


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The Maserati MC12 in 1:18 Scale by BBR.  Fine limited edition resin model.  Limited Edition of 99 pieces.

The car was a limited production two-seater sports car produced by Italian car maker Maserati to allow a racing variant to compete in the FIA GT Championship. The car entered production in 2004, with 25 cars produced. A further 25 were produced in 2005, making a total of 50 cars available for customers, each of which was pre-sold for 600,000 ($670,541 USD). With the addition of 12 cars produced for racing, only a total of 62 of these cars were ever produced.
Maserati designed and built the car on the chassis of the Enzo Ferrari, but the final car is much larger and has a lower drag coefficient. The MC12 is longer, wider and taller and has a sharper nose and smoother curves than the Enzo Ferrari, which has faster acceleration, better braking performance (shorter braking distance) and a higher top speed. The top speed of the Maserati MC12 is 330 kilometres per hour (205 mph) whereas the top speed of the Enzo Ferrari is 350 kilometres per hour (217.5 mph).
This version is the one displayed at Geneve Auto Show 2004, with this beautiful mica blu and metal silver trident.