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Ferrari 330 P3 24H Le Mans 1966 #27 in 1:18 Scale by BBR


This is the Ferrari 330 P3 24H Le Mans 1966  in 1:18 Scale by BBR

Driven by Rodriquez and Ginther
As featured in the Movie "Ford v. Ferrari" starring Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale as Ken Miles.
Development of Ferraris 12-cylinder prototype racers accelerated in 1966 and 67, and with good reason. Competition was steep, and Ferrari needed something with which to fight back -- and it developed the Ferrari 330 P4.
With Carroll Shelby running its sports-racing program, Ford in 1965 wrested from Ferrari the Constructors International Grand Touring Championship. Now the American company was knocking on the door of Ferraris domination in the sports prototypes class, with the Chevrolet-powered Chaparrals serious threats, as well.
Ferrari mounted its 1966 offensive with the Ferrari 330 P3. A stunning machine to behold, it looked menacing in a way Modenas earlier prototypes did not. Supporting the look were sophisticated mechanicals that benefited from a more-intensive cross-pollination with Ferraris Formula 1 technology. An updated suspension with different geometry teamed with a monocoque chassis that used some stressed body panels in the center section.
The V-12 got new heads to take the Lucas indirection injection system that replaced the predecessor Ferrari 330 P2s Weber carburetors. A new Borg & Beck three-disc clutch was used with a ZF five-speed gearbox; most of Ferraris earlier P-car gearboxes had been made in-house. Finally, there was a drop in weight: The P3 was more than 200 pounds lighter than the P2.
Only Ferrari works drivers drove the 330 P3. Privateers were offered an updated version of the Ferrari 365 P2, the 365 P2/3. Save some suspension and brake updates, mechanically the model was a near-twin of the Ferrari 365 P2. The coachwork was a different story, combining as it did the lines of the 365 P2 with the drivers compartment of the Ferrari 330 P3.
This is the replica of the car that has raced at 24H Le Mans 1966