BBR P18126D
Pagani Dinastia in Purple / Carbon fiber Resin Model in 1:18 Scale by BBR
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This is the Pagani Dinastia in Purple Resin Model in 1:18 Scale by BBR

Limited edition of 149 pieces

The Zonda may have put Pagani on the map, but it was only sold in certain markets. The US, for example, wasn’t one of them, but with the introduction of the Huayra,the Modenese supercar manufacturer is going global. The Chinese market is a vital element of that strategy, prompting Pagani to set up a dedicated division specifically to cater to local customers – and at its launch revealed a trio of special Huayras crafted specifically for China.

Called the Dinastia, this limited-edition take on the Pagani Huayra was inspired by the Nine Dragons Wall in Beijing’s Forbidden City. Out of the 100 total Huayras to be built, only three examples of this special series will be made: one in blue carbon (emblazoned with Baxia, the water dragon), one in gold carbon (embellished by the image of Yazi, the warrior dragon) and one in red carbon (decorated by Chiwen, the protective dragon of fire and rain).

These models made by BBR Exclusive car models with information and cooperation provided by Pagani directly, will be coated with a special decals that replicates the carbon fiber
in red blue and gold. 




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