Almost Real ALM810305
Land Rover Defender 110 Camel Trophy Edition Diecast Model in 1:18 by Almost Real
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Detailed Description

This is the Land Rover Defender 110 Camel Trophy Edition Diecast Model in 1:18 by Almost Real

The epic Camel Trophy races of the 1980’s and 1990’s were well-suited for the free-spirited adventure drive and were the ultimate test of mechanical and human endurance. The Land Rover Defender 110 still holds the imagination of fans worldwide, and the Almost Real Land Rover Defender “Camel Trophy Edition” is the perfect diecast model for fantasizing journeys into uncharted territories, and emerging, mud-caked, from the depths of the rainforest.

The 1:18 scale Land Rover Defender “Camel Trophy Edition” packs a mean punch, and keeps it nostalgic, brawny and undeniably cool. The gritty 4×4 attitude comes across with the sandglow paint, boxy proportions, heavy duty roof rack, working suspension and treaded tires (and two spares) that look read to bite through the mud. In addition to the spare tires, the model is outfitted with some very cool accessories to make it expedition ready: storage bins, gasoline tanks, and cables. All four passenger doors open to get a full view of the interior cabin which features a working steering wheel, carpet, highly detailed door hinges and much more.

The Almost Real Land Rover Defender “Camel Trophy Edition” makes us live vicariously through the daredevil attempts of those that mastered all manner of terrain in these rugged off-roaders.

Fast facts about the Almost Real 1:18 Land Rover Defender 110 Camel Trophy Edition:

Steerable wheels

Door opens

Hood opens

Trunk opens

Body mostly made of metal

Working suspension

Comes with accessories such as gasoline tanks, boxes and cables.

Dimensions approximately L-10, W-3.75, H-3 inches / L-240mm  W90-mm H120-mm

Packaged in styrofoam shell

One main difference between Almost Real models compared to most other car model manufactures is that their models are made of metal and not resin. This gives Almost Real models significant weight and an authentic feel. Another added benefit to using metal, is that these models are less fragile and flimsy than their resin counterparts. Almost Real models deliver quality miniatures that won’t disappoint!



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