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1973 Porsche Can Am 917/30 Winner Donohue in 1:18 Scale by Exoto
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This is the 1973 Winner Road America Can-Am, driven by Mark Donohue in 1:18 Scale by Exoto.  A fine diecast model with incredible details.  Comes complete with the rolling chasses as well.

Configured in the way it raced at Road America, Exoto’s presentation of this car is astounding. Whether in the First Heat version with the additional rolling chassis or with the full-bodied car alone, Exoto has eclipsed everything they’ve done in 1:18 scale. Everything works! The wheels come off to reveal the intricate suspension and beautifully-done brake discs and calipers, the shift linkage back to the transmission works, the steering is through a self-contained rack and pinion, the wiring and plumbing is very complete even though some of the dashboard wiring is a little bit questionable, the cooling fan on top of the engine actually spins and the oil catch-can is about half-full. The graphics are beautifully presented and the car’s stance looks perfect. Exoto keeps upping the ante in realism and build-quality and the 917/30KL proves they can continue to improve on the seemingly unimprovable. With the Porsche 917/30KL, they have pushed quality and realism far beyond any other manufacturer of diecasts. Excellent job, Exoto!!!

The Can-Am Series Slayer
It is perhaps the most powerful racing car to attack a road course; the most powerful racing car designed to travel more than a 1/4-mile at a time: the Porsche 917/30.

Its all-conquering twin-turbo flat-12 engine produced a reliable 1,100 bhp at 7,800 rpm and 19 psi of boost. For short bursts, the pilot could command a staggering 1,500 bhp by turning up the boost to a piston-melting 32 psi with the twist of a knob. Accompanying all this power is the handling of an F1 car!

Winner, 1973 Road America Can-Am driven by Mark Donohue

The SCCA was busy changing the format of its Can-Am weekends, race after race. At Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI, the organizers ran two races, each with their own prize money. The first was a qualifying race called the "Can-Am Sprint". Of course, Mark Donohue's domination of the 1973 Can-Am season continued despite the revised format. He lapped Road America 3 seconds faster than any other competitor, and in the process became the first driver to break the 2-minute mark around the undulating circuit.

The second race, named the "Can-Am Cup", was the only one to award Championship points. Jody Scheckter attacked during the Sprint by jumping the start and leading through the first couple corners; Donohue, of course, swarmed all over the back of Scheckter's 917/10 and got past, leading by 3 seconds at the end of the first lap! The American wasn't about to let that happen in the Cup and cruised to a half-minute victory over the Porsche-dominated field.

Superlative detail and finish
Getting down close to our precision-engineered 1:18 scale Porsche replica will mesmerize even the most serious collector. It is so intricate you will swear that you can hear the thundering roar of the 5.4-liter power plant that lives within this classic Porsche Can-Am demon!

Special features include full opening parts to showcase an unprecedented level of furious detail: fully wired and plumbed flat-12 twin-turbo engine, water and oil cooling radiators in photo-etch, fully detailed cockpit, water pipes, hydraulic hoses, electrical wires, and much, much more...

Functioning features include: true-to-the-original suspension system with genuine, race tuned coil springs and dampers, rotating and self ventilating disc brakes that rotate within fixed calipers, removable wheels all around, and the list doesn't end there!



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