Acme Diecast A1801213
1970 Pontiac GTO Judge Mint Turquoise in 1:18 Scale by Acme
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Detailed Description

This is the 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge Limited Edition in 1:18 Scale by Acme.

Mint Turquoise, a fairly rare finish on its own, was never offered by Pontiac in combination with a red interior. According to Pontiac’s sales brochures of the time, the only interior colors you could order with a Mint Turquoise exterior were black or sandalwood. Red interiors were only supposed to be paired with white, black and red exteriors. The story goes that this Judge was ordered by a customer from Mayhew Motors in Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada in one of the common Judge color combinations of the time but arrived in this mint on red combination. Needless to say, the customer was none to pleased and refused payment. The Judge sat for several weeks before the dealership and the original buyer were able to make a deal. The interior color makes this a very special one off Judge that will look fantastic in any collection

Color - Mint Turquoise on Dark Red



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