Franklin Mint S11E932
1965 Corvette Coupe in Silver with Black Interior by The Franklin Mint in 1:24 Scale
1965 Corvette Coupe in Silver with Black Interior by The Franklin Mint in 1:24 Scale
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Just when Corvette® lovers thought things could not get any better, along came the '65 Sting Ray. Out were the hood vents of earlier models. In were three functioning front-fender louvers for increased airflow. Gone were the rear drum brakes of previous years, replaced by the smoother, easier four-wheel disc variety.
But the most significant change of all...the introduction of the thoroughly awesome 396 Turbo Jet engine first of the factory built Big Blocks to power a Corvette® equally at home on the track as on the street, to the degree that many who owned one drove their pride-and-joy "a quarter mile at a time!"
 Here's your invitation to join the "Big Block" party by ordering the definitive precision re-creation of the one-and-only Corvette® ever to sport the powerful 396 Turbo Jet Big Block engine. Assembled entirely by hand, this spectacular model matches the original, detail for scorching detail. The "bulge hood," flip-up headlights and fully appointed interior...every distinctive feature re-created to an unprecedented degree of accuracy by the engineers of Franklin Mint Precision Models. And, of course, there's the unparalleled re-creation of the Turbo Jet engine under the hood, accurate right down to the air cleaner assembly that can actually be removed to view the carburetor and engine block. Additional working features include functional suspension, operable steering, hinged fuel cap and detachable jack compartment door.
A LEAGUE ALL ITS OWN... Just like the actual auto, this sensational model features a body of real fiberglass, hand-painted in Silver Pearl. With limited production numbers of just 1,965 models worldwide, only a very fortunate few can own the real deal. Add this Corvette® classic to your collection today!



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