Old Modern Handicrafts AJ095
1957 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon Blue by Old Modern Handicrafts
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Detailed Description

This is the 1957 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon Blue Old Modern Handicrafts

Travel back in time with this blue classic 1957 Ford Country Squire model. The best selling American made wagon of its time. It is made of tin and has a scale of 1:17. It features many intricate details such as fenders, wheels, front bumper, grills, license plate, roof rack, and a pair of surfboards. A perfect gift to display in your home or office!

• 100% tin frame
• Metal wheels
• Wheels roll
• Includes seats, steering wheel, and small details on the dash
• Exterior details such as the surfboards are securely welded on

Ford is a trademark of Ford Motor Company.



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