CMC M-136
1938 Bugatti 57 SC Corsica with faux Crocodile Interior by CMC in 1:18 Scale
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Detailed Description

This limited edition version of the Bugatti Corsica will have
faux Crocodile Leather Seats as pictured below.
(this is how the car interior is today, owned by John Mozart)

Check out the video review:

A fine model car.  British Colonel Godfrey Giles acquired a Bugatti 57 S chassis in 1937 for the roadster he would like to have. His brother Eric Giles undertook to design the bodywork, and an English coachbuilder Corsica executed his plan. It led to the birth of an astonishingly beautiful roadster. Its recorded registration took place in 1938, with the license plate number GU7. The roadster seemed to develop some engine problems later on. To fix them, a compressor and pistons of a different type were installed, hence the new type designation 57 SC, where C stands for compresseur. In 1985, the vehicle came to be owned by John Mozart, a renowned collector in California. At the end of 1995, he initiated a complete restoration of the car. The roadster re-emerged as a stunning beauty in a dark blue finish and won the much-coveted Best of Show award at the 1998 Pebble Beach Concours dElegance. CMC has replicated the Mozart car in its contemporary gorgeous appearance as a high-end model of the first class.



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