Franklin Mint S11E886
1971 Corvette Roadster ZR2 - LE of 425 by The Franklin Mint in 1:24 Scale
1971 Corvette Roadster ZR2 - LE of 425 by The Franklin Mint in 1:24 Scale
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Detailed Description

In 1970 Corvette replaced the venerable 427 engine with the newer LS5 454 big block. It produced 390 horsepower; only 20 more than the small block LT1s 370. US automotive regulations were starting to have a profound effect on muscle cars. But for model year 1971, they offered the RPO code ZR2 option described as a, Special Purpose LS6 Engine Package. This LS6 454 pumped up the volume to the tune of 425 stomping ponies.

But Corvette only made 12 cars with this option package. This represents one of those 12. The question may be asked, how many of the dozen were made in Brands Hatch Green and as a drop top? Or with a four speed? Theres where that, no one can know thing comes into play. Corvette, in the early seventies, just didnt keep records as accurately as they do today. What we most certainly do know is that whenever Tony C does his thing, we collectors are much better off for it. Take one FM Corvette; manufacture it in the preferred Corvette medium, fiberglass, add in high tech goodies like internal door hinges and extending hood prop rod, chrome metal-foiled badgings and blend in refinements that only a car maven and fellow collector can direct, and you get a truly amazing replica.

Tony orchestrated the build of an already excellent model by making certain subtle improvements to make this Vette the best it could be. He had TFM fabricate additional hoses in the engine compartment, add the correct vacuum advance, accurate brass-colored fittings on the hoses, add Corvettes pollution AIR pump, proper 454 distributor and spark plug wires. He further had them craft a new detailed radiator featuring the fan shroud delete as it appeared on the original ZR2 package and directed the improvement of the hoods hold rod so it doesn't over-extend. And to further carry the enhancements into the future, he had the body stance lowered, and a new console shifter plate fabricated adding previously missing control knobs. The engine receives the proper 454 stickers and authentic coloration of miscellaneous motor parts.

The headlamp pods open and close and fit, like every other working panel on the car, flawlessly. The color choice was inspirational; the only Mint Corvette offered to us in this shade to date, and it is perfectly applied. Tony even thought to give us two up-tops, the canvas version in black and the body-colored auxiliary hard top. The edition limit is small, 425 to match the engines power output, so get yours quickly or youll regret not owning such a beauty later.





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