The 1:8 Scale GT and Sports Racer Collection

1:8 Scale GT and Sports Racer Collection
Ferrari F430 in 1:8 Scale
The finest F430 model available
This is an absolutely superb and completely handmade model of the beautiful Ferrari F430 Modena. If you own or have ordered an F430, we can fully customize the model to match your car including the interior and the Carrozzeria Scaglietti options. The patterns for this model were created using the original CAD files from the Ferrari design office ensuring supreme accuracy down to the very smallest details. We are taking pre-orders for Road, Race and customized models now.
Above, the incredibly beautiful rear view of the model.  The shape and detail captured perfectly.
Below, The detail and accuracy of the fender and wheels is depicted
Below, a glimpse at the engine compartment. 
Incredibly detailed and accurate.
The model enclosed under it's protective cover. 
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